Be ready for the first day of school

From school bags to backpacks,
we've got everything they need for
carrying school supplies.

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All their favourite superheroes and
princesses are waiting for them.

When recess comes around, our range
will make eating just as
fun as playing.

Quality school stationery is essential,
from pens to notebooks to
pencil cases.

From classy to casual, from slick to sporty,
the right footwear will help your
little ones think on their feet.

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Your little ones need to look good on
their first day back.It's our job to
make sure that they do.

They may be there to learn but they need
to have some fun as well. We've got them!

Fulfill the tecchie within your child with
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Work hard, play hard. When the school
day ends,it's time to ditch the
formals and go casual.